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Scrive is a mobile app solution meant to provide an e-signature at the point-of-sale transaction. We have developed an app that allows for signing of documents, reviewing the singed documents and sending a copy to the mail. Due to the specifics of the application, it is heavily focused on the iPad. The partnership between Scrive and All in mobile is ongoing.

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Founded in 2010 and based in Stockholm, Scrive is a POS software company. Their solution in the eSign space has made them the market leader in the Nordics, and they are expanding globally every month. Scrive thrives in complex industries including telecommunications, car rental finance, insurance and banking. Their clients are, among many others, Telia, Telenor, DNB and Tesla.

Scope of work

Scrive already had an iPad application that they had developed with another Polish app development company. The app was not up to their standards and they realized the need to rebuild that application completely. The main goal was to greatly improve the experience of e-signing and to speed up the overall process. They also needed to develop an Android application at the same time in order to meet more of the customer’s needs. This client partnered with us, after receiving a recommendation from a previous client of theirs.

Technologies we used


  • The client already had a web-based signature system, which we had to incorporate in a mobile app.
  • The app needed to often run updates in the background.
  • We had to implement a screen saver in the app to avoid locking of the device if it is not actively used at the moment. This is not a conventional feature in the mobile apps but was introduced in Scrive to meet the needs of the retailers.


  • The success of the project is reflected in Scrive’s position on the e-signing market and the number of big companies using the solution.
  • Scrive is the customer we work with the longest. Our cooperation is ongoing and we are constantly supporting them in developing and improving the application.
  • We have provided a solution that is very easy to use for both sellers and buyers.

Axel Talmet

CPO of Scrive

“The All In Mobile team is full of great guys, and they’re easy to work with. We established a great relationship with them from the beginning. They’ve basically become a part of our company. I look forward to continuing our work together”