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A food ordering app that allows customers to choose from a wide range of restaurants and order home delivery. All in Mobile has provided comprehensive iOS and Android development services, from design through development and testing to implementation.

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The client

Proasset Arabia Co. a professional service company based in Saudi Arabia. It offers consumers and retailers access to secure and reliable electronic and mobile e-commerce infrastructure.

The challenge

  • The client worked with another app development company, but was not satisfied with the results. Our programmers checked the code, and given the best customer interest, they decided to build the application from scratch.
  • The client needed a market ready solution in three months.
  • The project required adaptation to the specific character of the Arab market. The app design had to include aspects such as Arabic typography and lack of unified addressing system.

Technologies we used



in the Food & Drink category in Saudi Arabia app store


Revenue generated by the app compared to web.


Average number of users per month, peaking to 30,000.


Average daily users


Crash free


Months to deliver a new brand, visual identity, UX/UI, and full version of Android and iOS apps.

First release

3 months

We started works on the application at the beginning of June 2015. We devoted two weeks to prepare the design of the entire application, and two and a half months for the development works on both platforms. The first version of the application was released after three months, in August 2015.

Most important features:

  • Basic analytics: Firebase, Fabric, Google Analytics
  • Registration and login
  • Account activation via SMS
  • Splash screens, icons, menu
  • User profile
  • Restaurant Searh & Profile
  • Add product to a cart
  • Order summary
  • Payment (cash & delivery)

Next versions

1,5 years

Total work on the application took 1.5 years. During this time we have been working on improving and optimizing the app.

Additional features:

  • Facebook login
  • New payment methods
  • Loyalty program and tutorial for the loyalty program
  • Push notification
  • History of orders
  • Filter search (by type of food, minimum amount, restaurants open / closed)
  • App Rating and Reviews
  • Adapting the application to Ramadan

Mishal Al Harthi

E-commerce Development Manager at Proasset Arabia Co. Ltd.

“I would say All In Mobile’s transparency and accessibility sticks out. After every sprint, they provided full reports on what had been done. I haven’t experienced anything like that with other companies. We like the design and insights that were provided throughout development process. They are adding great value to our business.”