Most people go to Disneyland for some fun and entertainment, but HeroDOT team had some serious business to attend to. From the 27th to 29th of August, CEO Kamil Rzeźnicki was joined by two HeroDOT members who attended GameDaily USA in Anaheim, California. The conference was held at Disneyland Hotel at the premises of the famous theme park.


HeroDOT team at GameDaily Connect USA exhibition booth

Marketing Specialist Ewelina Łuszczek and Product Designer Jarek Maćków at HeroDOT’s booth

HeroDOT was hosting a booth at GameDaily Connect (previously known as Casual Connect) as a part of the Go to Brand program. Since we have experience in developing mobile games (our in-house iOS game is available for download here:
Raft Challenge – River Adventure), it was a great opportunity to connect with other game developers at GameDaily Connect and learn more about the industry.

We had a great time establishing relationships with different studios who are passionate about creating fun and engaging games. During three days, we attended many booths that were showcasing their game projects. In the meantime, we attended some insightful industry panels about game design and development. It was especially interesting to learn how to build engagement and create game worlds that retain users.


GameDaily Connect USA booth networking

Visiting the booths of game developers


GameDaily Connect USA tradeshow floor game developers

The trade show floor


We also couldn’t miss the opportunity of taking photos with Disney characters and buying some clothing at the Disneyland apparel shop.


GameDaily Connect USA Disneyland Hotel Minnie Mouse Goofy

Jarek hanging out with Goofy and his favourite – Minnie Mouse


HeroDOT booth at GameDaily Connect USA

The team representing HeroDOT

The participation at GameDaily Connect USA was possible thanks to the Go to Brand program. It was a great opportunity to promote our brand, connect with other game developers and learn more about the industry.

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