What is the best place to learn about mobile trends and digital innovation? The industry’s most important event is definitely Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. All in Mobile took a look at 2018’s agenda to see what top trends and developments will disrupt the way we do business in the coming months and years.
Because some industries are to be affected more by the new technologies, we put a list of those sectors where innovation is most likely to be game-changing.


In fintech industry, the most burning questions is: Are we on the way to a cashless society? There are many solutions that bring us closer to a cash-light world: mobile wallets, contactless payments, wearables. People are using less and less cash, preferring cards and mobile payments.
It seems that Sweden may very soon become the world’s first cashless society. Eighty percent of all transactions in Sweden are already made by debit cards or Swish app.

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Customer data is one of the most valuable assets of any company. Insight into how your customer has behaved, transacted or reacted with your business can greatly improve marketing and sales. This is why both small and big companies accumulate ever-increasing amounts of customer data, ranging from contact information to spending preferences and credit card details. But with great power comes great responsibility – companies must make customer data safer and more secure. Data breaches are rampant and have a significant impact on consumers’ willingness to continue engaging with a business.

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Immersive storytelling is a new way to engage customers with a brand. Today’s VR & AR devices are blending the physical and virtual world, giving people the feeling of really “being there”. Global fans can now feel more connected by experiencing a VR tour in the stadium or during matches. Several clubs (including Manchester City, Juventus or Beyern Munich) have already invested in immersive content by launching VR & AR apps.

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Servion Global Solutions has predicted that 95% of all customer interactions will be powered by AI, including live telephone and online conversations. Chatbots can already handle up to 80% of routine customer queries and soon they may serve as true assistants that are able to help with many advanced tasks. Companies save money through improved automation and consumers get what they want with an improved customer experience. Since AI is developing rapidly, we might not even be able to “spot the bot”.

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More and more people use their smartphones to buy things and companies push boundaries to create better mobile experience. But mobile doesn’t only affect e-commerce – it might also expand to brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon Go is a great example of how the latest technologies disrupt retail.

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Author: Ewelina Łuszczek