This article sheds some light on our company culture. Company culture is something we pay great attention to as we understand how significant it is for the success of the organization and its people.

This is why when we invite a potential candidate to an interview, the first meeting is always about getting to know each other. We choose only those candidates who seem to be a good fit for our company. We do it not only for the benefit of the organization but also for the benefit of the potential hire. We are thoughtful about recruitment, because we truly want people to thrive in their work environment. This can be achieved only if personal values align with the company values.

We decided to share our values, specific behaviours and everything we deeply care about for anyone who considers working at All in Mobile and those who just joined our team. The more our values sound like you, the more likely you will enjoy working with us at All in Mobile.

The important thing is these are not enforced, artificial values that only sound good from the business point of view. Our values are real, they are enacted in everyday work and they impact our decisions and actions.

So, what does it take to be an AIM-er?


  • You have a strong sense of a team spirit
  • You put the team ahead of your personal success
  • You are not afraid to ask for help
  • You are not afraid to ask stupid questions
  • You recognize when help is needed and willingly offer support
  • You are responsive and share insights easily
  • You do your best to help others
  • You have a genuine interest in what other people do at the company


  • You say what you think and you make your opinions known
  • You have the courage to face difficulty, speak up and stand by what you believe
  • You don’t avoid difficult confrontations
  • You take constructive feedback with an open mind
  • You address any conflict in a positive and respectful manner
  • You try to understand the other person’s perspective
  • You always listen and respond to concerns when they’re raised
  • You encourage those around you to speak up and voice their ideas as well as concerns
  • You give credit to other team members when credit is due
  • You encourage colleagues after a setback
  • You communicate concisely and clearly
  • You question any actions inconsistent with our values and hold other people accountable

Authenticity & Diversity

  • You dare to be yourself, you are authentic and natural
  • You are not trying to be someone else than who you are to fit in
  • You are respectful of your colleagues no matter what
  • You don’t judge or marginalize
  • You value and embrace differing perspectives, characters and lifestyles of other people


  • You can function well in the chaos-driven environment
  • You easily adapt to changing circumstances
  • You are self-disciplined and able to arrange and carry out your own work
  • You are punctual for meeting and calls
  • You show up for on-site events when possible
  • You are willing to engage in other areas besides your main responsibilities

Professional integrity

  • You are honest and don’t mislead the client if something can’t be done. You report when something is wrong and you never conceal any important information.
  • You are reliable in what you do and always keep the word.
  • You admit to mistakes. If you screw up, you explain it, present the circumstances, apologize and act on it to fix it.
  • You are proactive. You suggest solutions for the client and do your best to solve his problems. You are not a passive contractor who just nods and agrees to everything. Instead, you act like an expert.
  • You are not afraid to tell the client he is wrong. You show the consequences of the client’s choices.


  • You don’t mind the spirit of fun and cheer in everyday activities
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t get offended if someone pokes fun at you
  • You don’t mind dark humour and goofy memes at work

Work environment at All in Mobile

The atmosphere and people-oriented culture is what makes All in Mobile work environment so great. Our team is made up of very diverse and authentic individuals. Whether you are a hipster, a nerd, or a suit and tie guy – it’s cool for us. We are team players so we collaborate and support each other to tackle challenging projects. You will always receive help from other coworkers and they will count on you too. We learn from one another, get inspired and share ideas. We also tend to joke and laugh a lot. Good humor in the workplace for the win!

We embrace remote work and foster flexible workplace practices. Some people work from the office, some people work from home, some people take a three-month long workactions. It doesn’t really matter how you get your job done if you get it done. This approach of trust and freedom generates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that drives us to produce results that benefit the company.

Is everything perfect in our company? No, we actually make plenty of mistakes as we search for improvement. But that’s fine! Every person who joins us helps us shape and evolve the company and its culture.

Sounds interesting? Apply!

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