Another trade show checked off our list. This time All in Mobile attended TechCrunch Disrupt, a massive event that is a great place for startups that want to showcase their products, get noticed and find investors. Yes, we might not be a startup, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t profit from this event. Quite the contrary, our days were full with networking and we met a lot of interesting entrepreneurs at our table stand. This was definitely a valuable event and we want to share with you some insights and photos.

Getting there

We had a flight at 6 in the morning on Monday, which was inhumane, but we somehow managed to be at the airport on time. We had a stopover in Frankfurt, so as serious business people, we sent some serious business e-mails (and checked Facebook – but that’s off the record.)



After we had landed in San Jose, we still needed to get to San Francisco. We decided to travel with style and rented a fine car.

We arrived at our Airbnb, left our baggage and, despite the jet lag, we decided to go exploring San Francisco. This meant one thing – a trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge! After all, it’s the most recognizable and famous spot in the whole city.


On Tuesday, we arrived at the conference center to grab passes and get our stand ready for the next day.



Our booth


This was our booth. The orange tablecloth was definitely standing out so it was easy to find us. We had a TV where we showcased our apps. Visitors could also see the posters that we designed for each app project. On the top of that, we had some cool stickers that we were giving away for free. But that’s not all! We had a form that offered a free app audit for those who already have a mobile app but would like to know what they can improve in terms of usability and user interface. We’re happy to report that quite a lot people signed up and we’ll be soon preparing audit reports for them.

Overall, the event was very valuable in terms of networking. Most Techcrunch attendees were at the director level or above, so it was easy to explore business opportunities and make some valuable contacts.

All in Mobile at TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt lasted 3 days. There were 8,800 attendees in total, 882 exhibitors and partners, and 171 programming sessions (including tech talks, panel discussions, Q&A stage and workshops.)

We were taking turns at our table stand so that we could attend different initiatives at the event. Kamil took part in NASA lecture, Amanda joined All Raise Women Founder Roundtables and together with Luke, they attended the famous Startup Battlefield. If you’ve never heard about it, it’s a competition for early-stage startups where they get to pitch their ideas – and winners take home $100,000. This year the winner was Forethought, with its modern vision for enterprise search that uses AI to surface the content that matters most in the context of work. We also went to the TechCrunch afterparty, but to our surprise, it ended by 11 p.m. Isn’t it too early for an afterparty to finish at this hour? Surprised, we returned to our Airbnb before midnight, feeling sort of like Cinderellas.


techcrunch battlefield


What we did in our spare time

First of all, sightseeing.

As you already know, we’ve been to the Golden Gate Bridge (more than once.) We tried to take some decent photos of us in front of it, but it was an impossible mission. The wind was way too strong. This definitely wasn’t #sunnycalifornia.


golden gate bridge


We also went to a few cool places such as an amusement arcade, the oldest toy shop in San Francisco or comic book store. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The trade show was very intense so it was great to take some time off and have fun.



Going back

On the sixth day, it was time to say goodbye to San Francisco. It was a great experience and we enjoyed both the event and the city. On the flight back to Poland, we finally had the opportunity to rest!



Techcrunch was awesome and we hope that our next trade show will be as good. In November 11-13, we’re exhibiting at Cloud Expo in NYC. That’s only a month from now! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow our social media – we often post updates there.