Enterprise solutions are a must-have!

Enterprise mobile solutions helped thousands of companies.
Meet the major industries we work with:



Everything turns digital nowadays. Be innovative and provide mobile solutions to your clients.



Today, eating starts in your mobile. Provide your clients with possibility to order from any place on Earth.



Getting customer feedback is not easy, but applications make it fun and simple. Provide your clients and users with products they need.



Your clients want to experience things right here, right now. Be up to date and share events in real time.



Managing personal or business finances is not easy. Mobile solutions already helped millions of users


General goods

Online selling can make your business thrive. Sell worldwide without any boundaries.

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    Ofertia combines FMCG and Retail offers and presents personalised promotions based on geolocation. The application works on the Spanish-speaking markets in the EU and South America, as well as in Sweden. It has more than a million downloads.

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    Scrive is the Nordic market leading solution for e-signing. Invented solutions make Scrive outstanding to the previous signing methods. Used in 16 countries in various industries such as telecom, banking, insurance, staffing and more.

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    Wajbah is a food ordering app for a Saudi Arabia client.
    The rapid growth of the applications made Wajbah overcome the local market. Available in English and Arabic languages. Top 3 food app in Saudi Arabia!

We make start-up rollercoaster feel like Sunday's walk in the park

We love working with the start-ups. We settled a friendly environment where you are our partner, not only the client. Our values are business-first attitude, agile development, transparency, and partnership.
Meet are our top specialties:

Wearable technology

Smart devices are the future. We work with them right now.

Designing & Branding

Our experiences UI and UX specialists at you services. Be sure to check their work.

Strategy Consulting

We helped tons of start-ups to find their way. The right plan is the key to success.

Monetization and Promotion

Finishing an app is not the end. It`s just the beginning. Our goal are apps that earn you a real money.

Beacons and Geofencing

We worked with the beacons before it was trendy. 4 major manufactures are located next to us.

MVP development

Building a MVP is the must-have while talking to the investor. We know how to do both.

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    A social movement with the goal to let young people discuss and vote on critical controversies of today’s world. #changetheworld

    Available in Q4!

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    Qute brings social shopping to a whole new level with the help of local and global fashion lovers who are always willing to shop with you virtually or help you pick the right outfit for any given occasion.

    Available in Q4!

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    Ultimate Fan Live

    Enjoy the match like never before. Pick players and earn points based on their real-life performance. Challenge your friends and battle to become the Ultimate Fan

Path to the great app

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